Dot Ale 1630 


Dot Ale 1630 is a light pale ale with a stern, yet subtle, hop profile. It took three years to discover the careful balance of hops, which gives Dot its unique Ale character. The ale possesses a soft amber color and a refreshing after taste. It pairs excellently with any dish, especially bbq and seafood. 


The name Dot originates from the blue-collar neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts. It is the endearing nickname given to the town, since its

incorporation in 1630.


The neighborhood has

been a melting pot of

various ethnic groups

throughout the years.

Currently, it is comprised of

numerous communities

that profile both our

individuality and our



Dot is saturated

with a strong aroma of pride.

Its residents are welcoming,

buts possessa rigid attitude.Come visit our growing neighborhood, visit local eateries and share in the good times with a pint of Dot Ale 1630.



Morrissey Wines & Liquors

711 Morrissey Blvd

Dorchester, MA 02122



Alexander's Wine & Spirits

755 Gallivan Blvd

Dorchester, MA 02122



Eagle Liquors

936 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA 02125



HarborPoint Liquors

45 Morrissey Blvd

Dorchester, MA 02125



Liquor Land

1030 Massachusetts Ave

Boston, MA 02118



224 Boston Restaurant

224 Boston Street

Dorchester, MA 02125



Best Liquors

108 Dorchester Ave Dorchester, Ma 02125

Curtis Liquors

486 Columbian Street

Weymouth, MA 02190



Wollaston Wine & Spirits

58 Beale Street

Quincy, MA 02170

(617) 479-4433



Ratticus Dotticus:/ An individual from the neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts. They are highly aggressive and funny. You can see them walking around with their standard trademarks: an Ivey hat, Addidas Shell-Toes, Dunkin Donuts coffee or a six pack of Dot Ale 1630.

Hotticus Dotticus:/ A female Dot Rat. She resides or use to reside in the neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts. They are beautiful, resilent, and strong. They typically gather on Friday nights at the local bar. Do not agitate, for they are highly aggressive and blunt. They are the Queens of Boston.

On Tap (Draft)

Tavolo Ristorante

1918 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA 02124



Ashmont Grill

555 Talbot Ave

Dorchester, MA 02124



Victoria's Diner

1024 Massachusetts Ave

Boston, MA 02118



Blarney Stone

1505 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester, MA



224 Boston Restaurant

224 Boston Street

Dorchester, MA 02125



Pub Chant 

2013-10-26 16.44.07.jpg

There once was a beer from Dot.


With a flavor Bostonians sought.


It gave us all pride.

In a town known worldwide.


And a pint always hit the spot.