Percival Beer Company (PBC) is an independent craft beer micro-brewer and distributor. After three years of developing quality recipes, we launched our unique brands in January of 2013. In May of that year, we were granted a distribution license, which made us 100% independent.
PBC brands are designed to both please the beginner and intrigue the palate of the expert. We focus on brewing and distributing light and simple styles that make the craft beer movement accessible to commercial beer drinkers. Our flagship brands, Dot Ale 1630 and Kompadre Lager are brewed with quality malts and bittered with domestic hops. 
Within the coming months, PBC will seek to establish its main office and distribution warehouse within Dorchester. We are currently awaiting feedback from various locations along Dot Ave. Stay tuned!
Why Dorchester (Dot)? Well, Dot is a town with a rich history dating back to the early 1600s. Ever since the first settlers arrived from England, Dot has been a prominent fixture in the history of Massachusetts. Nowadays, it is a neighborhood comprised of ethnically diverse families, including Irish, Cape Verdean, Latino, and Vietnamese. Please visit the Dorchester Historical Society's website for more information about Dorchester:
For decades, Dot was mostly known for dilapidated homes, vacant store fronts, and unsafe streets. Today, there is an invigorating spirit of innovation and positivity sweeping the neighborhood. New businesses are springing up, homes are being modernized, and the community is now alive.
The PBC brands were crafted to reflect Dot's strong tradition of being a community of blue-collar workers and immigrants. Dot Ale 1630 and Kompadre Lager possess a strong character with a crafty hop profile. Our pride is aromatic and our attitude is refreshing.
PBC is part of the Dorchester Renaissance. Our goal is to help transform the neighborhood into a social and economic destination for all to enjoy.